My First Meal

My meal tonight.

My meal tonight.

Food is at the core of our society and, naturally, we are very protective of it. We want to make sure it is safe and nutritious. Tonight I was eating a pretty good meal. I had hamburger mac & cheese (not healthy, but so worth it) , some celery, red potatoes and a nice glass of milk.

This meal got me thinking about all of the farmers that helped put this plate of food in my lap. A dairy farmer worked hard to produce the milk, my dad did a great job at growing the steer that made up the hamburger, my celery was cut fresh on a vegetable farm and my red potatoes came from a potato grower.

It is not just the farmer either, it is all of the processing and distribution that went into that plate of food. The farmer sold their products to a company that then sold it to some more companies. By the end, my food has probably touched many hands and has provided jobs for hard working people. This system is amazing to me. How all of my food over the years has gone through so many hands, but I have never been sick from consuming a poorly produced food product.

Yet, I know problems do exist. I know that the agriculture sector can be better at providing safe, quality and nutritious food. This blog is meant to share the triumphs in the agriculture industry, but also where it can improve.

This is why I wanted to begin this blog, to share the story of how food gets from the field and onto our plates. An unbiased approach to food safety, animal welfare, preconceived notions about agriculture and so much more.

So join in on the conversation and learn something about your food.

Jordan Simonson