Top 5 Reasons Guys Should Say “I Love You” To Farmers on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, but I thought it would be fun to see how much farmers affect our Valentine’s Day celebrations.

No. 5: Without farmers, there would be no overpriced, dozen roses to buy our loved ones.

Without a rose farmer, we wouldn’t have a dozen roses to give to our loved ones. The largest rose grower in the U.S., California, is a great location to grow horticulture. According to a 1997 survey, California produces 70% of the cut roses grown nationally and there are about 80 rose farmers in California. I wonder how many roses the loved ones on those farms get?

No. 4: There wouldn’t be any lingerie.

Yes, sad to say it, but without the cotton farmer, there would be no lingerie to give to our significant other on Valentine’s Day. The U.S. cotton industry provides the world with 17.9 million bales of cotton, that’s nearly nine billion pounds of cotton. Not to mention, with no cotton we would probably be looking pretty neud at our wonderful dinner dates. We also couldn’t be a gentlemen and pay afterwords because money is actually made out of cotton, not paper.

No. 3: Speaking of dinner, that food sure is good.

This is a pretty obvious one, but all of the food we will eat with our dates will come from a farmer. I know I will be having a steak for supper, which means my steak came from the $79 billion U.S. beef industry. I will only eat a small fraction of the 25.6 billion pounds of beef consumed in a year.

No. 2: You gotta have chocolate for dessert.

Africa is the largest producer of cocoa, producing nearly 2.5 million tons of cocoa in a year. Cocoa beans are found in pods on a cocoa tree and are picked by hand. The pods need to be cut open before the beans can be harvested. It sounds like a really long process, one I am most definately thankful for.

No. 1: Those cards are made out of trees. Yeah there is a farmer for that.

It is kind of crazy, but there are actually farmers that farm trees. There are several levels of farming trees, from the average person that owns a land of woods to someone that specifically plants trees for wood production. Most tree farmers will keep careful stock of what trees they have on their farm and decide which trees to cut down based on several factors. Foresters can be hired to help manage the stand (lingo for a large group of trees) and make sure it is operating in a sustainable and safe way.

So guys, I guess there are a lot of reasons to say “I Love You” to farmers on Valentine’s Day. I know farmers have saved me quite a few times on Valentine’s Day.


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