My Charge to Agvocates

After careful consideration, I have decided to shift the focus of my blog away from an “agvocate” focus. While I am an agvocate at heart, I have learned through tweeting with people on Twitter, there are much more capable agvocates out there (thats you farmers and ranchers). Instead, I am shifting my focus towards teaching agvocates about social media and how to navigate the “advocating for agriculture” waters. My first tip is to…

Be Yourself 

The recent blog posts I have written have taught me a lot, most importantly that I need to be myself on my blog, including writing about what I am interested in. I am very interested in social media and agriculture, so I have decided to bring those two passions together. I strongly believe that we need more agvocates telling their story. As agvocates, we need to begin delving further into the conversations happening on social media as a way to tell the story of agriculture.

This means we cannot stay in our little groups of agvocates. We need to reach out to others in our community as a way to teach non-agvocates about agriculture. For starters, we need to start following important groups that are not favorites of agriculture, including PETA and HSUS. Yes, I said it, we need to follow them everywhere. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, read their information. We need to know what these groups are saying about agriculture so we can answer the questions and help give facts when lies are spewed.

Social media is the future of information and where agvocates need to engage in conversation. The conversation needs to begin now.


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