WordPress Setup for Agvocate Beginners

If you have decided to begin an agvocate blog, there are several blogging platforms to choose from. My personal favorite is WordPress.com because it is really easy to use and set up for beggining bloggers. Plus, when you become a mega-star agvocate blogger, you can upgrade and get some great new benefits. When you first go to WordPress.com, press the “Get Started” box to begin.


After you press this button, you will be prompted to enter an email address, username, password and blog address. Make sure to enter your email address correctly and make a memorable username and password. The blog address section (1) is a really important section because it is what the URL will be for your blog. Most of the time, agvocates make their URL’s similar to their blog title or their blog writer’s name. For instance, my URL is jordansimonson.wordpress.com, which uses my name. There is really no right or wrong URL, it just needs to be easy to remember. I would suggest staying away from confusing number sequences and anything that would be hard to remember or type.


Once you get past the initial page, WordPress will send you an email verifying your email address. Go to your email and follow the prompts. Once your blog is set up, WordPress will ask you to create a blog title. Blog titles need to be simple and memorable, yet convey a sense of what you will be writing about. For instance, the title of my blog is “Advocating for Agriculture” because I want to teach others how to use social media to advocate for agriculture. Make sure to make your blog viewable by everyone because you want as many people as possible to see your blog. Even after you pick the title of your blog, you can always go back and change it as many times as you want.


During this process, you will get several prompts to upgrade your account. I would not recommend doing this until you get into blogging some more. Your entire advocating for agriculture philosophy could change in a very short time period and so locking yourself in for a year is not wise at this point.

Once you have all of that information filled out, you have the start to your very first blog post. Congratulations! Now it is time to start blogging.


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