Adding a WordPress Background Image – Using Your Own Picture

There are a lot of great features you can do with a WordPress blog, one of which is adding a picture to your background. Naturally, as an agvocate, we want to put a picture of agriculture. For some of us, that is a picture of our farm, our favorite tractor or a simple picture of rolling wheat fields.

Before you go out and take a picture of your farm for your blog, you need to get your camera ready. You want your picture to be as large as possible to prevent tiling (having a picture that repeats) because tiling doesn’t look very good. In order to get the largest picture possible, you need to change the image size. To do this, go into the settings of your camera and change the image size. I would suggest getting as close to 2560 x 1600 pixels as possible. After you have changed the image size, look for your image resolution in the settings and set it as high as possible. Something to note when changing these settings, each picture will take up more memory (space) on your camera and your camera will store less pictures.

AppearanceNow you can go out and take some pictures of your farm. Since I am not a photographer, here is a blog with some beginning photography tips. After you have downloaded your wonderfull pictures onto your computer, now you need to upload them to WordPress. Login to your WordPress blog and go to your dashboard. Once you are in your dashboard, go to appearance and click on background (1).

This should bring you to another page where you click on browse (2) and a window from your computer will pop up. Select the picture of your farm and click open (3). After you have selected your picture, you need to press the upload button (2).


Pic_ChangesYou know your picture has been uploaded when it appears in the gray box at the top of the page. You can now make some appearance changes to your background image (4). The first is alignment, which typically is set to “left.” You should also set your tiling to “no repeat” because your picture should be large enough to fit across several screens. If after you look at your background image and it does not cover most screens, then you can set your image to tile. The next setting is whether you want your background image to be “fixed” or to “scroll.” A fixed background image will not move when someone scrolls down a page. A scrolling background image will move if someone scrolls down the page. I prefer a fixed image because it will help make the image viewable at all times when someone is reading your content.

If you click on the “current color” tab, a color pallette will appear (5). You can select a specific color for the background of your blog. The background color will appear only if the user’s screen is larger than the picture or if the user has his or her picture settings turned off.

After you are done selecting your color, you can click save changes (6) and you have just added a background image to your blog. Go to your homepage to view the background and make sure everything looks right.

You have just made your favorite picture of your farm into the background image of your blog and I am sure it looks great!


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