5 Easy Steps to be “You” in a Blog Post

Top_5One of the hardest things to do when you are blogging is learning to be yourself. This was really hard for me when I first started this blog because I really wanted to tell the entire story instead of being myself. Check out these 5 easy steps you can do to make your personality come alive in your blog posts.

1. Write and don’t stop

The first thing I do when I blog is I just start writing. I keep going until I am done with the main points I want to write. I don’t stop for punctuation changes or or for mispellings. I just keep writing. This really forces you to be yourself and get all of your points down in your own voice.

2. Make initial revisions

After I am all done writing my blog, I go back and review. I find all of the mistakes I can find in the punctuation and grammar. I look up all of the information I want to include in the post and add in any links I want to add to increase engagement.

3. Find pictures that represent you

Next I scour the web to find pictures that represent my post and myself. Since I like to think I am a funny person (I don’t know if I really am), I tend to choose pictures that are funny representations of the blog post, just like the picture for number three.

4. Sleep on it

This is the most important thing when writing a blog post, you need to “sleep on it.” Before you publish your blog post you should give your mind a rest so it can stop from getting all jumbled up in your  blog post. There are a lot of times where I will sleep on a blog post and come back the next morning and find a glaring problem with the post. It is too easy to get caught up in the small things and miss the big picture right in front of you.

5. Revise and Post

Once you wake up in the morning, take another look at your blog. Make sure everything sounds good and that your entire blog post makes sense to you and your reader. Above all, check to make sure it represents who you want to represent in your blog. If you want to be funny, is your blog post funny? If you want to seem responsible, does your blog post give a sense of responsibility? Once you know “you” are in the blog post, feel free to post it.

These five easy steps will make blog writing easier and allow you to actually be “you” in a blog post. Being yourself in a blog post will make your blog post seem more genuine and resonate with your audience.


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