Top 6 Reasons to Use Twitter in Your Social Media Strategy

Top_6When I first started using Twitter a long time ago, I didn’t understand it and I didn’t see the difference between Facebook. A few weeks after I joined I got tired of it, a common feeling I hear when everyone starts using Twitter. On a previous post, Top 5 Needs to Become a Social Media Agvocate, I said Twitter was one of the top five needs for a social media agvocate because I believe it is the most important social media account every social media agvocate should have. Here are the top six reasons to use Twitter in your strategy.

1. Open door policy

Twitter has an open gate policy, so you can choose to follow almost anyone even if you don’t know them. The only time you are not able to follow someone is if they have their account locked. This open gate policy allows you to make an impression on someone without having to actually meet them.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags (#) are used to connect groups of posts.  The #agchat hashtag is used to connect Twitter posts that would resonate with people in agriculture. The hashtags are commonly used for tweetchats, which is the main purpose of the #agchat hashtag. A tweetchat is a designated time when people get together to talk about certain issues by following the hashtag. If you have a Twitter account, you can join in on the #agchat conversation on Tuesdays at 9/8 c.

3. Lists

Once you become a stupendous social media agvocate, you will probably start following several Twitter accounts. Lists are a way to control your Twitter feed, without having to unfollow everyone. By making or subscribing to lists, you can read the tweets of the members of the lists. This allows you to disect who you are following and make lists of the important people you want to hear from. It’s almost a Twitter feed inside of a Twitter feed.

4. Search

The single-most powerful thing on Twitter is its search function. Twitter can actually search every single Tweet, making it a powerful search tool. You can use Twitter search to get real-time information about anything you search for. Whether it be an event or if anyone has mentioned you without tagging you in the post. Twitter search is a powerful tool, that many do not use to its fullest capacity.

5. 140 characters

This is one of the things that made Twitter very popular. You can only write 140 characters (140 letters, spaces and punctuation). While this idea may be hard to grasp initially, it is actually a great tool that forces you and others to get to the point quickly. You can still add pictures and links, but they take up characters. You just have to be crafty sometimes.

6. Other social media agvocates are on Twitter too

While your target audience may populate Twitter, the real advantage to Twitter is to connect with others in your industry. Most social media agvocates are on Twitter and are sharing blogs and connecting with people all of the time, setting up a network. It is easy to make connections because you can Tweet at someone whenever they are talking about something interesting. This allows you to use the connections of the network to reach out to people instead of trying to do everything yourself.

Twitter is confusing at the start, but it is a great way to connect with people from across the world. Twitter has several features that many other social media sites do not have. Twitter is different from Facebook, but you need to experience it for yourself.


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