How to Get Blog Post Ideas When You Can’t Think of Any More

What to write…oh yeah, that’s a good idea…no wait I have already talked about this. Ummm…how about this…nope that won’t work either.

I think we have all been there as bloggers. We are sitting at our computer trying to think of an amazing blog post idea, but nothing comes. We can’t seem to squeeze out another idea. Below are my top five secrets to finding new blog post ideas when the ideas are not flowing.

1. Use other blogs

Using other blogs is a great way to get new ideas. Even though that person has already talked about the topic, blogging is all about getting your perspective on the issue. Don’t be afraid to disagree with the big dog social media agvocates, sometimes they will even help promote your blog if you mention them in the post.

2. Ask questions to Google

Google is one of the best ways to find new blog post ideas. All you have to do is begin asking a question, like I did in the below screenshot. I just asked “does milk” and then Google gave me different search terms. All of these search terms are great blog post ideas and, as a bonus, google is recommending these search terms because these are commonly searched terms. Can you say search engine optimization?!


3. Think specific

One of the biggest mistakes in blogging is trying to put too much in one blog post. Feel free to use several posts to explain one topic. For instance, don’t talk about planting in one blog post – talk about tilling the soil, waiting for the soil to thaw, why seed placement is important, how the planter works, etc. These are all great blog post ideas that allow you to spread the “planting” idea out among several weeks.

4. Look at the news and use Hollywood

I got this idea from Carrie Mess (@dairycarrie), so thanks Carrie! Using timely information from the news is one of the best ways to not only get ideas, but get ideas people are searching for (search engine optimization again!). Social media agvocates have recently used the news surrounding “ag gag” bills/Carrie Underwood and dehorning/Ryan Gosling in blog posts and have had great success. So whenever you can pair the recent news with a celebrity, the uptake is even better.

5. Not every blog post needs to be a rockstar

Every blog post does not need to be the next mega-hit wonder. It is more important to have consistent content that your readers can come to expect so you can create a following. Every time you get a small idea that may not be the best idea, just write about it. Sometimes that small idea can turn into an awesome blog post. Blogging can be full of twists and turns – sometimes my ideas before I start writing are not what the blog post ends up being.

Blogging can be a time consuming process and nothing is more frustrating than sitting at your computer without an idea. Use these simple tips the next time you are in a bind and maybe you will come away with a rockstar blog post.


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