Social Media Spring Cleaning

social media, sping cleaning

Your social media spring cleaning bucket.

Now that we have finally reached spring (yes there was snow on the ground this weekend, but we will take it), I think it is time to do some spring cleaning for our social media sites. Here are five easy things you can do to give your social media presence a fresh, new look.

1. Change your bios

So we have been at this social media thing for a while and the entire time, we haven’t went back and changed any of our bios. Take the time this month to change and update your about page on your blog, change your Twitter bio and any other bio-like things you have on social media. You may find that you have changed the direction of your blog and social media since you first wrote those bios and your about page on your blog may have some drastically wrong content. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to do these necessary updates.

2. Change pictures

Now that we are out of the winter drab, take some time to change your blog and social media pictures to something more inspiring. Go out and snap a picture of your farm or the sunrise and then put it on your social media sites. You can also use this time to make all of your social media pages look consistent. This is really important to help create  your “brand” so people can recognize that they are on your social media sites no matter what site they are on.

3. Add a new page on your blog

Take the time to actually add another page to your blog. Maybe you want to add a page about  bloggers you think are doing a great job, or maybe you want to create a page about common misconceptions in agriculture and link to several blog posts that address these misconceptions. The possibilities are endless, but these pages should provide additional content to your audience that they would find useful.

4. Make sense of your categories

Blog categories tend to be a mess after a while. Some blogs may not be in a category or may not fit in the category that it is currently in. Take the time this spring to take charge of your categories so these actually work for your blog. People use these categories to find other blog posts that are similar to the one they are reading, so having categories that are effective is really important.

5. Increase efficiency

Making social media work for you, on your own time, can be important for weeks when you don’t have a lot of time to use social media (i.e. planting season). Things like Feedly, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and a smartphone are all ways to save yourself some time on social media. Feedly allows you to accumulate all of your favorite blogs and their posts into one location to make it easier to read. I usually use Feedly on my phone so I can read the posts whenever I have some down time. Feedly also lets me post straight to Twitter right from the website. Hootsuite and Tweetdeck allow you to schedule posts and see multiple streams at once (home feed, search terms, etc).  It allows you to make social media easier while also making it look like you have been on all day, when really you were only on for 20 minutes. All of these ideas are even easier when you use the smartphone applications. That way you can look at anything whenever you have some down time during the day (or when spending the entire day in the tractor).

Now that spring is finally here, make sure to make some spring cleaning changes to your social media sites. I just hope you have time to  make these changes before planting begins…


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