How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Find Your Target Audience

LinkedIn, groups, agricultureMany people use LinkedIn as a virtual resume and don’t really do anything beyond that. I am here to tell you that LinkedIn is so much more than that…it is a place to connect with people in a professional setting without all of the personal information (i.e. the people that tell you where they are every ten minutes on Facebook).

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn to connect with people is by using LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are a group of people on LinkedIn that have discussions about similar interests.

When posting a discussion, I would suggest posting a link to an interesting fact or blog. Then I would ask a thought-provoking question to get a discussion started. LinkedIn groups are not a place for you to talk about personal information, but rather a place to talk about your professional life (talking about your business/your farm).

Below are the top three reasons you should be using LinkedIn Groups to connect with your target audience.

1. It is a way to get past the gate

LinkedIn has a closed-gate policy, meaning you cannot connect with someone unless you are allowed to enter. For this reason, you need to have a way to connect with someone and LinkedIn Groups are a great way to do that. If this person is an active LinkedIn user, they may have started some discussions, which is a great place for you to chime in. After you know the person has seen you on LinkedIn and conversed with you, it is a great time to ask to connect with them.

2. Professional discussions

One of the greatest things to me about LinkedIn is the professional atmosphere it has, something especially helpful for us agvocates. The discussions tend to be more focused on factual sharing of information and less on opinions with no factual backing.

3. Decision leaders are there

I have mentioned this in a previous post, but I think it has merit here too. More CEO’s are on LinkedIn than any other form of social media. This can be especially important when trying to sway the opinions of these decision makers to stop them from making uninformed decisions about their company policies.

I hope this helps you find a new social media medium to connect with your target audience. LinkedIn is a great way to connect and target individuals.