3 Rules Card Companies Use for Writing Valentine’s Day Cards

Happy-Valentine-day-2012-greeting-card-Well, if you didn’t know it yet, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And naturally as a guy, I’m not too fond of this holiday. To me it is just another holiday created by the card companies, but I will say that I really enjoy getting my wife gifts for Valentine’s Day (especially when they are chocolate covered strawberries and she lets me eat one).

Even though this may be a holiday created by the card companies, one of my favorite part about any holiday is looking at the new cards, mainly the funny ones. The one thing I think card companies have mastered is the ability to get a point across in a small amount of words, just like writing titles for a blog post. Below are the top 3 rules for writing a Valentine’s Day card (that just so happen to also pertain to writing a blog post title).

1. Short is Best

Have you ever gotten that card that has the super long poem on it with all of this frilly wording? Yeah, I hate it too. It just takes to long to read and honestly, I like cards that get to the point. Card companies should always be concise in their writing so you can get the point quickly.

2. Turn heads

The best cards to me are the ones that grab my attention and make me want to read the inside of the card. To do this you need to not only use rule number one so they get it right away, but you need to be creative and do something that is going to catch their attention.

3. Know your audience

There is nothing more important in card making than understanding your audience. A card company should never make a pink card for a husband (okay maybe some wives would buy that, but that’s beside the point). For this reason, it is important to have a deep understanding of your audience so you will know what will grab their attention (a.k.a. number two).

Well, I know not all card companies will take my advice, but this is what I like to see in a card (and more specifically titles for a blog post).





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