Organic vs. Conventional: Should We Keep Fighting?

I have had many arguments about the organic vs. conventional farming debate. They are my most dreaded arguments because there so much misinformation that is smeared on the wall. While there will and should always be discussions with consumers, the most troubling is those fights amongst producers.

On the day after Chipotle launched an all out attack on farmers, it reminded me that we are a divided industry. An industry that once was united and brought forth campaigns like ‘Got Milk?’ or ‘Eat Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner,’ is now a very divided industry.

Today our industry is attacking each other, both sides containing big propaganda blow horns for the world to see.

Below are the top three reasons we need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start fighting together against the real enemy.

1. Have you ever heard of divide and conquer?

That is essentially what some of these companies are doing, dividing our industry into the ‘bad’ and ‘good’. They want producers to help them in their fight to make consumers feel like this is the better choice for all, when it might not be.

2. You never know when YOU are going to be under attack.

While your specific sector of agriculture may not be under attack right now, things can change in a hurry. There is always a chance that your practices could come under fire too. When that happens, you will need someone in your corner, perhaps Dairy Carrie or Ryan Goodman, to help get your through it (this is assuming you are not doing anything illegal).

3. Consumers want to make their own decisions.

You may think some consumers are making an informed decision about their food choices, but in reality we don’t know. Feeding them information while not giving them both sides of the story can lead to them feeling lied to in the end. Consumers deserve to know the full story and not just some marketing ploy companies made up.

As an industry, we need to stop arguing amongst ourselves and begin moving towards a unified industry ready to take on educating the world’s consumers. Without each other, there is no one to lean on in the end.



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