Why We Need to Stop Saying GMO

cs_gmo-freeGenetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Wow I hate those three scientific words. Pushed together to make a perfectly sounding concoction of food and Frankenstein science. Just the fact that we need to shorten it to GMO, makes it even more scientific.

GMOs have been at the center of a very large international debate. “Are they safe?” is on the tip of everyone’s tongue that knows about GMOs. You may not like to believe it, but the words Genetically Modified Organisms actually scare people. This is why at this moment, I am starting a bandwagon to stop calling these crops GMOs and instead call them a different name, a better name.

You see, science is confusing to the general public (here is one example). And when science is confusing to the general public, they don’t ask questions to the scientists, they ask questions to the google world (and who knows what they get out there). And trust me, they don’t trust the people that are economically tied to the success of GMOs.

This is why I propose we come up with a new name for GMOs. So instead of scaring people with the name, we need to make them feel comfortable. We need them to stop being scared to ask us questions.

Here are just a few suggestions: Genetic Crops, Yielded Crops, Increased Yield Crops, Advanced Crops, Modified for Your Environment Crops

Ok, so I’m obviously not a good title writer, but you get the gist. It may be difficult to change the name of GMOs, but I think we need to at least do a better job of explaining this group of crops. Maybe, we make a tagline, GMOs: The Higher Yield Alternative. Just and idea. Either way, we need to stop speaking science and start speaking human.


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