Should We Stop “Feeding the World”

290384685_640“Feeding the world by 2050” has been a common phrase agvocates have been using for many years. It is based on the real need to feed the world’s growing population by 2050, but I don’t think it is working. This is just one example I found online that explains what consumers are being told, and it all isn’t a lie. I think consumers are beginning to see “feeding the world” as an excuse rather than a reason for why producers farm the way they do.

This is why agvocates need to stop using this “excuse” and begin using reasons. Producers don’t give cattle antibiotics to feed the world, they give it to their cattle for health reasons. A producer’s farm hasn’t grown to feed the world, it has grown to respond to market conditions pushing the price of milk down and feed costs up.

A farm isn’t a business so it can feed the world, it has always been a family-run business to feed a family.

Somewhere I think we agvocates have forgotten that farming is about family. If producers don’t do everything right, they could lose everything. They could lose the farm that supports their family. For some reason, consumers view these family businesses in a different light than the millions of other family business that are across America.

Agvocates need to help consumers realize farms and small, family businesses are actually the same thing.







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