3 Storytelling Ideas for Non-Blogging Agvocates

A grocery store is a perfect place to tell your story.

As bloggers, we like to get caught up in telling others that a blog is the No. 1 way they should be telling their story. But not everyone wants to be a blogger or has the time to do it. So, if this is you, you are probably wondering what you can do to actually help agriculture tells it’s story. Here are three fresh ideas for the average “wannabe” blogging agvocate.

1. Pictures are worth a thousand words

If you are a picture person, why waste your time with words? There is a reason Facebook and Twitter are building their platforms around pictures, but there are several different ways you can share photos.

  • Using the WordPress app, you can now easily post pictures to your blog. Just shoot, post and write a short description.
  • Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are completely photo-based and are important for key target markets (young and women).
  • If you want to spruce your pictures up, making them into simple infographics can be really powerful as well.

With the amazing quality you can get from the camera on your phone, pictures are a really simple way to share your story.

2. Using video will captivate your audience

Taking a video used to be a daunting task, but as the cameras on our cell phones continue to improve, capturing video is becoming easier. Did you know that YouTube is actually the second largest search database (only behind Google)? People are using video to learn more than ever before. Simply by creating a YouTube account and downloading their app, you can be sharing footage in no time.

3. Word of mouth

I know we may be going back into the stone age for this one, but word of mouth is a really strong communications tactic and is something agvocates tend to forget about in their daily lives. Millions of people from across the U.S. go to the grocery store every week, providing a prime location to talk to people about food. When you are grabbing your gallon of milk, introduce yourself to the person that grabs milk right behind you. If you do this every week that you go to the grocery store, you’d talk to 52 people in a year and they’d talk to more people, who would talk to more people. The grocery store aisles are the best place to have a conversation about food because everyone is already thinking food.

Ok wannabe blogging agvocates, now is your time to start telling your story. Make sure to tweet me your success stories at @Advocate4Ag.


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