Why You Should be Participating in Twitter Chats

My favorite Twitter chat is #AgChat. Join next Tuesday from 8-10 Eastern.

Hashtags have quickly become a part of our culture. People not only use hashtags on Twitter, but also in normal conversation. It is now commonplace for people to drop a #winning (said “hashtag winning”) or any other hashtag into a conversation.

What many people don’t understand is that hashtags actually have a purpose, larger than that of making a conversation more entertaining or just making a joke about a situation. Hashtags are a way to follow a topic and are very important when participating in Twitter chats.

Twitter chats are when people on Twitter come together to have a “chat” about a topic using hashtags. People follow the hashtag for the chat and chime in when they have an opinion about the posed questions. Some Twitter chats are more formal and have preset questions that are asked every few minutes while others are very informal and the visitors to the chat ask the questions.

Either way, Twitter chats are important for one large reason, they help you gain connections! By answering questions in this format, you are able to interact with people from across the world, creating new connections every time you join a Twitter chat. It is very common that I gain several new followers and strengthen my relationship with my connections every chat I participate in.

One of my favorite Twitter chats is #AgChat, which is held every Tuesday from 8:00-10:00 a.m. Eastern time. Hopefully I will see you there next time…#thatwouldbeawesomesauce


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