How to Deal with the Food Babe

FBhariI think we all know who the Food Babe is by now. And we all probably have gotten at least one Facebook comment deleted correcting her overblown, uneducated statements.

I have been toying with how to handle the Food Babe and what are some suggestions that I can give you on how to stand up to her antics. Short of going all Humane Watch on her, there are really only three things that I have come up with.

1. Get proof

The Food Babe is notorious for deleting comments on Facebook, but unfortunately we can’t really do anything about that. We can document everything that gets deleted though. Taking screenshots of every comment you make on her page is a really good practice. That way if your stuff gets deleted you always have proof. You can then share that picture on Facebook and Twitter using your own profiles. To increase the viewership of this picture on Twitter with her “army”, make sure to use “#foodbabearmy” in your post.

2. Question her on your turf

Using your blog as a public forum to question the Food Babe’s claims can be a really effective tactic as well. When the discussion is on your turf, only you can delete the comments (even though you shouldn’t unless absolutely necessary as suggested by @JPlovesCOTTON). Tweeting using #foodbabearmy will help spread the word to her following.

3. Message her followers

While she can stop you from commenting on her post, she can’t stop you from having a private conversation with her followers. To do this, simply right click on the person’s name and hit “message”. You can then begin chatting with someone about their comments. Choosing the right people to engage in is really important as well. Choose the people on the fence, not the people shouting praise for the Food Babe. This way you can comment with her followers without getting your comments deleted and/or being blocked from her page.

While these are just a few suggestions, some of you might have others that have worked for you. Please share those suggestions in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “How to Deal with the Food Babe

  1. I might amend point three to include being respectful to the fence sitters. Her army are loud and obnoxious and full of vile, we do not have to return rhetoric, simply inform them about the quackery in a polite manner.

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