Why You Should Have Faith in Gen Y Agvocates

WhyYouShouldHaveFaithInGenYAgvocatesWhen I was growing up, I often heard parents talking about the next generation. They were always worried about the future and leaving the world in “our hands”. While I understand this feeling now as a foster parent, I also know that Gen Y agvocates are ready for the task. Here are five reasons you should have faith in Gen Y agvocates:

1. We understand the cause

While we may appear young and naive, we do understand what’s at stake. I have met several Gen Y agvocates, including myself, that had lost their family farm growing up. It is a part of our generation and we know that we don’t want it to happen to other farms.

2. We are tech-savvy

Social media is always evolving and Gen Y has evolved right with it. We have grown up with these new platforms and are armed and ready to learn the next one.

3. FFA and 4-H

In an age where the number of farmers is shrinking, the membership of FFA and 4-H continues to be strong. Many Gen Y agvocates have their roots in FFA and/or 4-H; programs that I think are invaluable to our industry. These programs are making leaders out of it’s memberships.

4. We are good at making “friends”

While we may not be the generation that will just walk up to anyone and say “hi”, I do believe that my generation is more connected to the people we meet than ever before. We now connect with our acquaintances on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and stay more connected, sharing the story of agriculture along the way.

5. We are opinionated

I don’t think I really need to defend this. You all have probably seen how opinionated Gen Y can be. It is one of our strengths because we are going to fight for agriculture. We have a drive to tell the real story and we are not going to let anyone tell us differently.

You may have doubts about Gen Y agvocates, but I don’t. I think we are poised to make a difference in this world in the name of agriculture.


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