The Topic

This blog is meant to help agvocates learn about social media and how to connect with consumers to tell them the story of agriculture.

My Background

I grew up on a 70 cow dairy farm in West-Central Wisconsin. When I was about ten, my dad had to sell his dairy cattle and now has about 100 acres for cash cropping purposes. I have seen first-hand the trials that farmers face in this world and know all to well what agricultural markets are like. I am a true agvocate, but I know there are flaws in the system. I found a love for social media, content marketing and website design while in college, which is why I want to share that knowledge with producers around the world.

My Experience with Social Media

I went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I majored in Life Sciences Communication and Agricultural and Applied Economics. I have helped with several social media and website platforms at ABS Global, CALS Career Services and UW Discovery Farms, including my own social media platforms. I currently work with Select Sires as a multimedia communications specialist where I head technology-driven communications. Join me in my social media endeavors so we can tell the story of agriculture together.

Jordan Simonson


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