Blogs to Aspire to

ryanj_goodman_1359130261_13Agriculture Proud Ryan Goodman (@AR_ranchand)

Ryan is currently going for his Master’s degree at the University of Tennessee. He grew up on a family cattle ranch in Arkansas with his parents and 2 brothers, where they raised commercial Angus cattle. During his college years, he has worked on cattle ranches across the country and in feedlot operations in Texas. He shares stories and reasons about why he is proud to be a part of agriculture.

The Adventures of Dairy CarrieCarrie Mess (@DairyCarrie)

Carrie is the dairy queen, writing about her travels and days on her family’s dairy farm owned by her husband’s parents. She is constantly working to correct myths about the dairy industry. In her friend’s words, she is Caring, Knowledgeable, Rumchata, Cheesey (as in the food), Doer, Authentic, True to yourself, Passionate, Respected, Irreplacable, Beautiful (her hubs), Amazing, Crazy, Lively and much more.

A Colorful Adventure Janice Person (@JPlovesCOTTON)

Janice is passionate about photography, travel and agriculture. She grew up in Memphis and went to college in Enid, Oklahoma before returning to Memphis for grad school.  She loves sharing stories of the “colorful world” she gets to experience and the “rockin’ people” she gets to meet. She currently works for Monsanto and has been helping them with social media efforts.

These are just a few of the great blogs out there that you can take examples from. Learn from them so you can share your story as an agvocate.


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